Pure CO2 Cannabis Oil Extractions

About CO2 Cannabis Extracts

Our Clean Extraction Method

Supercritical fluid extraction is a method of using high pressure to force a solvent through plant matter. The solvent we use is carbon dioxide (CO2). When the solvent is pushed through the plant matter at very high pressure, it can separate the matter precisely.  

We use supercritical CO2 extraction to extract essential THC oils organically, this allows us to produce well balanced and pure cannabis concentrates for your enjoyment. CO2 extraction is known for being a clean and effective way to extract.

Carbon dioxide is a natural product that leaves behind no residues. CO2’s purity is its biggest advantage over all other solvents used for plant extraction. Currently, a popular extraction solvent is butane, propane and pentane which can potentially leave heavy metals behind in your finished product.

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